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Sweet Water, Salt Water Tanker Supplier

Sweet Water Tanker

We are a leading sweet water, salt water Tanker supplier Transport company in Dubai. Starting in 2002, we have pioneered in supplying water to the construction industry, swimming pools, labor camps, industries and restaurants. As we know all that construction work mainly requires water mainly sweet and salt water. Our company fulfills the requirements of clients.

Our services also include the supply of sweet water for Labor camps as well. We have a team of special operators for providing water for swimming pools. Our services include “supply Sweet Water, Salt Water” in all capacities. These are available in 1000 Gallons, 1500 Gallons, 5000 Gallons, 10000 Gallons & 15000 Gallons. Our company is specialized in providing water tanker services in Dubai. We do it by maintaining quality and excellence in the performance of services.

Water Tanker Supply Services in Dubai

Beyond this Ahmad Abdlla Alfalasi Transport LLC also supply Treated Sewage Water for Irrigation purpose. Our 4*4 and 6*6 tankers to work in the desert have given us a competitive advantage over the competition. Additionally, our large fleet is working efficiently. We feel proud for having a large fleet for cargo transportation is working efficiently within UAE and around UAE. Further meeting high standards our machinery of different types is in process in different parts of UAE. With constant attention and hard work, we now have a huge reputation in the industry. Furthermore, all services are 24/7. For instance, you can call us any time.

We provide swimming pool maintenance and cleaning services all over Dubai and UAE. We do swimming pool maintenance services all around Dubai at an affordable cost. Further, we also do pool cleaning. Our professional technician staff works efficiently as per customer demand. Moreover, we also do swimming pool water filling and chlorination.

Dubai is home to thousands of swimming pools. Hence these pools require proper cleaning and maintenance services. You can call us 24/7 to avail of these services. We are always at your service and will serve you to your satisfaction.

Sweet Water Services in Dubai

Tanker carrying sweet water

Drinking water is a basic necessity for all. It is also the most common material for construction.

We too have a large fleet of Sweet water tanker trucks. These are also with different capacities. Further, we have a team of professional drivers for delivery in different parts of Dubai. Moreover for constructions sites & swimming pools quite efficiently & efficiently. When it comes to sweet water, fresh water or potable water supply in Dubai, we always need to get the best quality. Hence we always look for the best source of water.

We always make sure to satisfy our valuable customers by delivering them the best water. We have set certain goals to enhance sweet water delivery services. Our company makes sure to achieve these goals. Sweet water tankers are most often tested and inspected by Dubai Municipality to ensure the health and safety of people. Different companies, especially construction companies, industries labor camps, restaurants, cafeterias residential buildings and different communities use Sweet water or fresh water for drinking purposes. Hence we adopt top quality measures to ensure clean and healthy water delivery in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. These measures also make us different from others and make us a prominent water tanker supplier in Dubai.

Furthermore, we have a large fleet of drinking water tanker trucks with different capacities & a team of professional drivers for delivery in different parts of Dubai, especially for construction sites & swimming pools quite efficiently & efficiently.

Salt Water Services in DubaiSalt water Tanker

Salt water is an important material for the construction industry.

It is commonly used for groundwork. Our large fleet of green water tankers performs this job efficiently & effectively. Mostly collected as sea water or ground water salt water is a key material for construction. It is available in 1500 gallons, 5000 gallons & 10000 capacities. We get salt water from different sources just as ground bores, the sea and other puddles. Further, we have our own sources of salt water. Our Company transports this salt water through special green tanker trucks.

Swimming Pool Water Delivery

We supply water for swimming pools in Dubai. Swimming pools are a must part of houses and societies all around. Pools are built at a higher cost for the comfort of swimming and hence they need good quality water always. Our company gets the best quality water from EGA DUBAL for swimming pools and delivers it anywhere required. Moreover, we keep our tankers neat and clean to deliver pool water in the best condition. Swimming pools are of different sizes and hence require different volumes of water. Hence we keep takers of different capacities and deliver water according to requirements of the client.

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