Sweet Water, Salt Water Tanker Supplier

We are a leading sweet water, salt water Tanker supply company in Dubai. Established in 2002. We are specialized in supplying sweet water, salt water, TSE water etc. to construction industry, swimming pools, labor camps, industries and restaurants. We supply Sweet Water, Salt Water in all capacities like 1000 Gallons, 1500 Gallons, 5000 Gallons, 10000 Gallons & 15000 Gallons.

Our company is also specialized in providing water services in Dubai. Our services are available round the clock all over UAE. Most of the UAE,s well known companies especially construction companies are our valuable clients.

Furthermore We also supply Treated Sewage Water for Irrigation purpose. Additionally our 4*4 and 6*6 tankers work in desert. These tankers have given us a competitive advantage over the competition. Our large fleet is working efficiently in all parts of UAE.

Besides this our large fleet for cargo transportation is working efficiently within UAE and around UAE. Moreover, our machinery of different types is in process in different parts of UAE. We understand our customers need and fulfil their requirements.

Our Services (Sweet water):

Sweet Water Services in Dubai

As we all know sweet water is the basic necessity for all. Moreover it is most common material for construction. We are registered member of DUBAL for sweet water delivery. Our aim is to provide best quality Sweet water. Further, we maintain its natural quality & composition by delivering through special container tankers. Moreover we supply fresh water according to standards of Dubai Municipality. It is available in following capacities:

1000 Gallons, 1500 Gallons, 5000 Gallons, 10000 Gallons.

We too have a large fleet of Sweet water tanker trucks with different capacities. Further we have a teem of professional drivers for delivery of sweet water in different parts of Dubai. They make fresh water delivery for constructions sites & swimming pools quite efficiently.

Salt Water Services in Dubai

Commonly salt water is used for ground works. By using our large fleetSalt water Tanker of salt water tankers we perform this job efficiently & effectively. Mostly collected as sea water or ground water salt water is key material for construction. Additionally it is available in 1500 gallons, 5000 gallons & 10000 gallons capacities. Salt water is also very important for construction industry. Salt water delivery services are available round the clock. Hence you can call us any time. We too have a large fleet of Salt water tanker trucks with different capacities. Further we have a team of professional drivers for delivery of salt water in Dubai.

Potable Water supply in Dubai

We also do potable water supply in Dubai. Potable water is collected from DUBAL. Further, Best Quality Potable water is clear, odorless and tasteless. In Dubai, tap water is not advisable for drinking. It can only be used for bathing, cleaning and washing. Water manufacturing companies test potable water through various tests. Potable water is best for drinking purpose in restaurants, labor camps and for construction industry.

Swimming Pool water

Swimming pool water fillingWe provide best quality water for swimming pools. As Dubai is home to thousands of swimming pools. These require best quality water. We get water from DUBAL for swimming pools. Our drivers are professional for the delivery of swimming pool water. We also have a large fleet of sweet water tankers for delivery. Moreover Our fleet consists of tankers of different capacities like 1000 gallons, 1500 gallons, 5000 gallons & 10000 gallons. As pools are also of different sizes we choose selective tankers according to requirement. Taking care of quality of water and maintaining its purity, it is delivered according to client’s requirements.  On time delivery is our key goal in this field and we always try to achieve it. Further, You can avail our services for swimming pool water just by a call on 0553677221 within Two hours.

Fresh Water Tanker Supply Services in Dubai

Best quality Fresh water tanker services are available all over Dubai. Fresh water is the basic necessity for all & it is most necessary element for life. We are registered member of DUBAL for fresh water delivery. Our aim is to provide best quality fresh drinking water. Thus We deliver fresh water by maintaining its natural quality & composition according to standards of Dubai Municipality.

Mission/ Vision:Our Vision

It is our mission to set the standard of excellence in the Water Tanker transportation industry. Hence we provide outstanding customer service to our customers.

Moreover we have established specific goals. They are:

    • To maintain our leadership in all areas of water tanker services
    •  In order to build public confidence through efficient service and through sound business practices.
    •  To maintain quality services according to customers satisfaction.

Hence We believe in service as the base, technology as the tool and teamwork as the driving force. We will foster customer loyalty by presenting a united front to achieve and surpass our customers’ expectations.


It is our basic vision be the leader in providing the best quality service in the field of water tanker transport in the UAE.  Moreover to achieve this we have incorporated the latest innovations in equipment, technology and processes to maintain our leadership. Our Quality Management Systems too are effectively in place to ensure customer’s satisfaction. The focus of the quality model is based on the following principles.

    • On Time Performance
    • Minimal Loss and Damage
    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • World Class Safety and Equipment
    • 24*7 services & Customer support
    • Services all around Dubai & UAE
    • One-stop water transport solution
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