Sweet Water Tanker Delivery Services in Dubai & other Emirates

Sweet Water Tanker Delivery Services

Sweet water is the basic necessity for allsweet water tanker & it is most common material for construction. We are a registered member of DUBAL for sweet water delivery. Our aim is to provide best water by maintaining its natural quality & composition by delivering through special container tankers. for a long time we are getting water from DUBAL. We provide best quality potable water according to standards of Dubai Municipality. DUBAL is the most famous source of potable sweet water in Dubai & even in neighboring Emirates.


It is available in following capacities:

1000 Gallons, 1500 Gallons, 5000 Gallons, 10000 Gallons.

We have a large fleet of water tanker trucks with different capacities & a teem of professional drivers for delivery in different parts of Dubai specially for constructions sites & swimming pools quite efficiently & efficiently. Many reputable construction companies, Electro mechanical companies & landscaping companies are our main clients. for swimming pools we also supply best quality water. Labor accommodations in some remote areas also acquire our services. We are a proud supplier in industry, providing best services.